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2016 Meet Schedule
Circle C
May 21
with Shady Hollow
May 28
Circle C
with Belterra
June 4
with GHWO/TSD & SH
*June 11
Circle C
with Shady Hollow
June 18
Champs (A&M)iJune 25
* at Plum Creek

Pool Locations
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Circle C
A&M Rec Ctr

The season is over for some, but continues for those participating in July Training. As we near the end of that session, we'll post information about a end-of-season wrap-up meet. Meanwhile, a composite of times achieved at the 3 dual meets of June 27 has been compiled, and on that basis awards comparable to the places at a championship meet will be awarded.

The results of that composite are given here:

2015 CCSL Composite Times, June 27th [PDF,22p]

Meet 6 at Plum Creek (6/27)

The final meet of the season is finished. The times from the meet have been submitted to the league, and the top 11 times from the 3 dual meets will be merged, and reranked, and the resulting top 11 league-wide will be awarded a top times ribbin by the league. These should be available for the team party at Blue Hole on the 30th. Everything worked, electronic timing (buttons), MeetMobile, and MeetBop--except for the printer, so the regular awards for this dual meet will have to wait until the Team Party Tuesday.

Results:   Girls   Boys  

Meet 5 at Belterra (6/20)

This tri-meet was hosted by Belterra with SAAB as the third team. A little sprinkle of rain never hurt anybody, and the cloud-cover made the day more enjoyable.

Results:   Girls   Boys  

Individual Best Times List (6/2215)

Meet 4 at Plum Creek (6/13)

This meet was originally scheduled as a tri-meet with Circle C and Travis Country. However, the size of those teams, coupled with the size of our team would have resulted in a meet of about 700 swimmers, beyond our capacity. Travis Country volunteered to host one of the teams, so Circle C is going there and HSC will have a nice 2-1/2 hour meet at our home pool.

Results:   Girls   Boys  

Meet 1 Makeup at Circle C (6/8)

This is another shot at CCR and BEL at the Circle C pool. Swimming at twilight!

Results:   Girls   Boys  

MeetMobile should be available, so get your mobile device ready for it with the MeetMobile app.

Meet 3 at Belterra (6/6)

The Belterra pool is 25-meter (6-lane); HSC swimmers used to training in a 25-yard pool noticed the difference about 3 yards from the end. The entry times were adjusted to account for the longer pool.

Results::    Girls   Boys  

MeetMobile wasn't working either. :(

Meet 2 at South Austin Barracudas (5/30)

The SAAB pool is 25-yard (5-lane). The weather cooperated and we had a fine meet. Great start for those competing for the first time; keep it up. Note about scoring: only 3 swimmers on a team can score in an individual event, and 1 per team can score in a relay event. If you see an 'x' before a time, it simply means it was a non-scoring swim.

Girls   Boys  

MeetMobile is loaded, so get your mobile device ready for it with the MeetMobile app.

Meet 1 at Circle C (5/23)

This meet was cancelled due to lightning.


Previous Season Meets

Individual Best Times List (6/22/14)

2014 League Championship

The 6 & Under session was held at the West Austin Athletic Club, and was quite successful. The sessions at the Texas Swim center featured many exciting races. Congratulations go to Karina Kanary who set 3 meet records: free, breast, and fly, and Anderson Brown, who broke the breaststroke record, for 8-year-olds.

Girls   Boys   PDF (44pp)  
Meet 5 at Granada Hills/Western Oaks (6/14)

This was a tri-meet, with Texas School for the Deaf: "Rangers", in addition to Granada Hills. The Granada Hills pool is 25-yard (5-lane); pre-meet rumors about it being a meter-pool were exaggerated. Thankfully, the storm cells headed our way were forced to dissapate as they reached the city limits.

Results:   Girls   Boys   PDF  
Meet 4 at Plum Creek (6/7)

Great work by all the swimmers and volunteers. When you see times for the next meet entries, you'll see them converted to equivalent "meter times" to account for the longer pool at Granada Hills. Although the printer failed us after years of service, those with MeetMobile app on their phones were able see results. MeetMobile name to look for: "CCSL - Circle C at HSC".

Results:   Girls   Boys   PDF  

Meet 3 at Travis Country (5/31)

The Travis Country meet was conducted in their 25-yard pool. There was a total of 358 swimmers entered in the meet; 104 from HSC. This was a pretty good example for our meet with Circle C next week. A good time was had by all!

Results:   Girls   Boys   PDF  

Meet 2 at Shady Hollow (5/24)

The Shady Hollow meet was conducted in their 25-meter pool. The times swimmers achieve will seem "slower" than last week, since the pool is about 10% longer. Times will be "converted" to account for meters vs yards, and shown in Swimtopia with an asterisk.

Results:   Girls   Boys   PDF  

Meet 1 at Circle C (5/17)

This meet was a "quad meet" with Circle C, Granada Hills, and Texas School for the Deaf.

Results:   Girls    Boys    PDF




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